Infinity & Beyond

Outreach Activities


Used Electronics

The team collects reusable and used electronics for donation and recycling. Recyclable items will be dropped at Soccra Recycling Center in Troy, MI.

Bottle Drive

The team collects plastic bottles for recycling. Recyclable items will be dropped at Soccra Recycling Center at Troy, MI.

Community Service

Car Wash

Members of our team helped the community by washing cars for free. We accepted donations to help raise money to fund our team. We told our customers about FTC, our team and mission.


Robotics Presentation

Our team promoted First and presented our robot to elementary school students. Our goal was to inform and motivate the kids to join FTC in the future, while also informing them about the reduction of plastic and sustainability.

Mentoring at Morse, Troy Union, TPL

A couple of members of our team went to Morse elementary school and the Troy Public Library to show our robot to the kids and inform them about FTC. We went during the school day to Troy Union Elementary school to talk to classes about Robotics. We presented our robot, answered questions, and got the kids interested in Robotics.

Robotics in Medicine (Beaumont Clinic)

We reached out to Beaumont and demonstrated how a Robot can pickup Medicine, Inhalers, Pain medication and other essentials and deliver to the patients. Many patients were thrilled to see their medication delivered to her hand via our robot. Doctors, staffs and nurses wanted to see speech to action robot and we are planning to build one in coming months.

Social Media Outreach

Our team has promoted and spread the word about First over the course of the season.

We have a protype APP created to track and exchange/loan Robotic parts. When we spoke with Tammy, we got this idea which will help many teams in need for a part. This app will register a team and allow to enter available inventory that can be exchanged/loan a part that is excess. Similarly, a team in need of the part can request a part and the request gets into notification queue Next steps: Planning to include geo location tracking and productionize this APP for usage.

Gracious Professionalism and Team continuity

Thanks to Team 15004 Techknowlogic We reached out to Team 15004 to understand Lift assembly, April tags and CAD. They helped speed up our robot built. Thanks to Troy Robotic Foundation & Argonauts (Athens high school FRC team)

We reached out to Nithin from Argonauts, who helped us to get connected with Troy Robotic Foundation. We had a glitchy expansion hub and Troy Robotics helped us with the help of Tammy. Argonauts helped us in printing our initial CAD model.

We are being mentored by former FTC members from two different teams regarding planning for the current robotics season, suggestions about outreach activities and preparation for the competition. These mentors are our seniors from Boulan Park Middle school who are now in high school. We have discussed our game plan with a former FRC member (now at School of Engineering at UofM) who has also been a judge at FTC competitions. Troy Robotic Foundation and Argonauts helped us with hand-on workshop to kick start CAD using ONSHAPE. They though us the basic building blocks and we practiced the assignments for 2 weeks before we started fabricating Robot CLAW and game Beacon.

Siemens - Solid Edge Training

Discover new degrees of freedom with Solid Edge

Solid Edge Training was conducted in October 2021 through a Zoom meeting. Around 50 users participated and benefited from the session.