Infinity & Beyond

Meet the team

Our Mission

Empower students to adopt STEM and promote Sustainability. We do this by Building compact robots, Learning programming, Teamwork, Project management and reach our community via social media.

About the Team

Team Infinity and Beyond #14638, is a well-rounded team with great minds from 8th and 6th grades, at Boulan Park Middle School. We are participating in this year's 2022-2023 FTC Powerplay competition.

About Boulan Park Middle School

BOULAN PARK MIDDLE SCHOOL is one of the four middle schools in Troy School District Michigan.

3570 Northfield Pkwy Troy, MI 48084

P: (248) 823-4900F: (248) 823-4913

Attendance: (248) 823-4901

Team Structure

Team Infinity and Beyond has the following sub-teams:

Design: The Design Team designs and builds the robot. We used Gobilda parts to build our robot. This team works with the coding team to make sure our robot works smoothly.

Coding: The Coding Team programs the robot and the Autonomous. We used the coding language "Blockly" to program the robot.

Strategy: The Strategy Team devises the strategy for the Autonomous, Driver Control, and Endgame periods. The Strategy Team works closely with the Coding Team.

Driving: The Driving Team practices driving the robot to perform in the driving part of the competition. This team is expected to practice frequently and be able to perform well in the competition.

Outreach: The Outreach Team leads the ideas of Outreach and oversees all activities related to Outreach. Every Robotics Team member participates in Outreach, but the Outreach Team organizes all of the events.

Marketing: The Marketing Team developed and maintains our website and other social media activities.